Let The
Laughter Roll...


The Thought Behind TSM

Raising a special need child is never daunting for a mother, but it takes her individuality and her own life away from her. Her day starts with her child and it ends with her. Ask her three simple questions, when did she laugh? Is she sleeping enough? Is she feeling hopeless and lonely? If these questions made you wonder, you are not alone. I am a special need mother myself and I know the struggle you live and breathe everyday. 

After 6 years of this melancholy, realized how important it is for us mothers to build a community, not to educate how to raise your child but to listen and to have a few moments of recluse, which in return gave the much needed strength to fight another day but now with a smile! The Special Mom is here to hold your hand and give you your few moments of happiness, a moment of glee, a moment where you talk your heart out, a moment to be you. Come with TSM, lets dance, lets sit and laugh, lets share our troubles and our triumphs and lets win this together.

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